Buried Gods Metal Prophets

Book design and illustration for Buried Gods Metal Prophets by Maria Stadnicka, published by Guillemot Press. Maria Stadnicka’s latest poetry collection Buried Gods Metal Prophets is inspired by the experiences of her brothers, who lived in a Romanian children’s home between 1978-1987. This was the period of Romania’s Communist Party’s disastrous ‘Decree 770’, which banned…

One Step Sideways and 13 Down

Cover illustartion and design for one step sideways and 13 down by Lucy Burnett, published by Guillemot Press.
The text is devised from collaging crossword clues from the newspaper.

Words for Worlds Upended

Book design and illustration for J.R. Carpenter’s Words for Worlds Upended.
The poem and illustrations uses conflicting colonial archives towards decentralising the narrative of the sailing of the Mayflower 400 years ago.


Book design and Illustration for Holly Corfield Carr’s pocketbook Subsong.
Subsong is a 15-part poem about geology and birdsong published by the National Trust in partnership with Falmouth University.


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